Our trip to Michigan

April 17, 2013 – As many of you realize Ray and I have the privilege of working with Fr. Mitch as Event Staff. We decided to leave a day earlier than Father this week and drive to Michigan. Ray has always wanted to attend a Chaldean liturgy and found out that there was a church in Detroit. So we took a detour and found it…but, of course, it was late in the day and no one was around. So he didn’t get the church pictures he’s been collecting…bummer. BUT the highway was moving slow, so I decided to ‘navigate’ a different way to the hotel for the evening. Praise be to God! How did we not know about The National Shrine of the Little Flower!! I’ve known about this saint since I was a little girl thanks to my great aunt who served as a Sister of Charity in Cincinnati. She always had this devotion to St. Therese and her roses. I think the attraction was ‘the little way’ since my Aunt Margaret (Sister Agnes Zita) served as a cook in many different convents across the country. I didn’t know until later that St. Zita is a patron of cooks! So even though Ray normally is ‘in charge’ of posting on Father Mitch’s Events Facebook and website…I had to finally put my two cents in! Yours In Christ, Linda

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